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This database presents the bodies established by the Council in accordance with Article 9 of the Convention, together with such sub-committees, working parties, groups of experts, ad hoc groups, etc., as those bodies have, in their turn, set up to assist them with their work.  Other groups existing outside the Article 9 rule have also been added, such as meetings in special series, various forums, short-period ad hoc groups or task forces that were not included in the Directory of Bodies, all in an attempt to realise an exhaustive census of OECD working groups, past and present.


For each body/group listed, information is provided, as far as it is available, regarding the Chairs/Vice-Chairs, Members, Observers, Date of Creation, the Mandate and its duration. 

The content of the database is regularly updated by the Directorates.


The Directory of Bodies is published annually in book form based on information contained in the database.


Comments on, or additions to, the database information are welcome.  Please contact the Directorate concerned for current groups with a copy to Alberto Segre, Council Secretariat and Alberto Schileo, ITN.


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