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Welcome to the website for updating information in the OECD/EEA database on environmentally related taxes, other economic instruments and voluntary approaches used for environmental policy. This site is only for authorised users, having been given a Username and a Password.

Please contact Nils Axel Braathen (Nils-Axel.Braathen@oecd.org) at OECD if you need help to update this site.

The information concerning a given part of the database is called a "record". For example, all the information common to a particular tax is a separate record. Similarly, the information that only concerns one particular tax-base in this tax is also (another) record.

Once you have completed a new record, or finished updating an existed record, you should "validate" the record for approval by the database administrators.

While a record is in the process of being modified, it is no longer available in the queries that list all relevant records. Once the administrators have approved it, the updated record will replace the original record and will once again become available for further modification.


Help texts will appear to assist you with the input if you move the mouse over an image like this .